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The Henry Clay Scholarship

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About the Program

The Henry Clay Internship in Public Policy serves as the premier opportunity for Kentucky students to experience first-hand our nation’s government.

The internships provide an outstanding opportunity for promising students from Kentucky colleges and universities to be placed in an office of a member of the Kentucky congressional delegation or in an office of the executive branch.

Additionally, the program supports interns through valuable mentorship opportunities, unique networking events, and access to a myriad of successful former Henry Clay Scholars. The program boasts strong fellowship between Scholars, extending the benefits of the internship far into the future as Scholars collaborate and assist one another throughout their careers.

Each intern receives a $3,000 stipend for living expenses in Washington during the six to eight week summer internship.



Who is Eligible?

The program is open to students who are residents of Kentucky, are enrolled and in good standing at a Kentucky college or university, and who will be rising junior or senior at the time of the internship.

Students must have a serious interest in pursuing a career in public service for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The Kentucky Society selects interns who demonstrate superior academic achievements and intellectual development; effective oral and written communications skills; the ability to work well with others; outstanding trustworthiness and sound judgment; and strong initiative.


How to Apply

Applications for the Kentucky Society of Washington’s prestigious Henry Clay Internships in Public Policy in Washington, D.C. are being accepted for the summer of 2015.

1. Complete the application form on this website. Applications are to be typed in Arial or Times New Roman 12 pt font. Essays are to be in APA formant. Hand-written applications will not be accepted.

2. Obtain three references using the reference form on the website. Applications should be submitted no later than January 31, 2015, and in accordance with the application procedures found on the left-hand side of this webpage. Two references should be academic and the third one should be from a non-academic source.

3. Obtain a certified copy of your college transcript. Transcript should be scanned and included in the applicant's packet as a

4. The complete package must be submitted as a .pdf document to HenryClayInternship@kentuckysociety.org no later than midnight.


Questions about the process may be directed to Donald R. Bramer, Chairman, Henry Clay Internship in Public Policy, at

HenryClayInternship@kentuckysociety.org or Sam A. Scales, Co-Chair, at scales1415@gmail.com.

Interviews will be held at the McConnell Center in Louisville, KY during February 2015, and the internships awarded later that month.


A Word from Past Scholars

"Not only did the Henry Clay Internship place me and my peers into some of our nation’s most prominent political offices, it also offered incredible support through mentorship and networking opportunities. I learned so much as a result of my direct participation within the legislative process and I gained lifelong friends along the way – this is truly an experience unavailable anywhere else."


                                                          - Aleksey Graboviy
                                                            2012 Henry Clay Scholar

"My internship taught me how to communicate more with less and how to be both efficient and effective; two things I will carry with me as I start at the New York University School of Law this fall. There is no replacement for the experience a DC internship will provide."


                                                         - Evan Shepherd
                                                           2012 Henry Clay Scholar

"The Henry Clay Scholarship Program affords Kentuckians access to lawmakers and the constituents whom the laws affect. As it did in me, the Program can instill confidence and civic understanding, and inspire commitment to service. Importantly, it represents a worthwhile vehicle with which to grow political engagement in young people, for which I am indefinitely appreciative."


                                                         - Nolan Jackson
                                                           2012 Henry Clay Scholar

"The experience taught me how important relationships are and even more so, how important information is. It also showed me the difference that anyone can make by remaining dedicated to public service. Without the program, many people such as myself could not have afforded to complete an internship so monumental to personal and career development."

                                                          - Richie Mathes
                                                             2012 Henry Clay Scholar

"Looking back, those few weeks were some of the best in my life and I'm forever grateful to the Kentucky Society and Senator Bunning's office for giving me the opportunity to witness the political process first hand. I had a great time outside the office as well, attending briefings, lectures, and enjoying some of the attractions the District and surrounding area had to offer. I've made friends I still keep, and began networking in Washington, which will hopefully help me down the road."

                                                          - William Kyle Simon
                                                             2002 Henry Clay Scholar




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