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Dear Friends,

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have been elected President of the Kentucky Society of Washington for 2015-2016. Thank you for your confidence in me and the rest of the volunteer Board of Directors as we strive to serve you, our members.

One of the best things that happened to me when I moved to the Washington, DC area was finding the Kentucky Society. Finally I had found a group of people to whom I didn't have to explain burgoo, Ale8, why I need a new Derby hat every year (and sometimes two!), how the activities of five basketball players can make-or ruin-your day or why I always cry when they sing "weep no more my lady..." In other words, home.

I hope you will find the Kentucky Society of Washington to be your "KY home away from home" while you're in the DC area. Our goal is to throw a grappling hook back to the Commonwealth to pull us closer together to celebrate and share our traditions and love of the Bluegrass. We host events large and small, fancy and casual, social and cultural, philanthropic and just-for-fun. We hope you'll join us as a member and an active participant. Mostly, though, we hope that you'll see the Society as a place where you can find your Kentucky home.

We’d like to thank our dedicated volunteers and corporate sponsors for their support over the years. Without them, nothing we do would be possible. Please explore our web page and join us on Facebook and Twitter and don't hesitate to contact me or anyone on the Board with questions, comments or ideas.

Best wishes,

Anne Berry


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